Updated June 4, 2014 (Pretend you didn't miss a thing! Go to our News & Perf page archive.)

What a year! Thousands of people entertained, thousands of students doing hands-on taiko to support their core studies, and thousands of hours of practicing and playing by our group members.

We ended the season with a first by commissioning am original song from Kristy Oshiro of Sacramento Taiko Dan. The song, Sonoran Sway, should be ready to debut in the fall. And believe us, it will get you moving!

Summer means there's a lull in public and school programs, but still plenty to do. This is our window to make new drums, repair equipment and costumes, clean and organize the studio and storage rooms, and focus on playing taiko without the pressure of preparing for performances.

This is also the time for travel and training. OS members will be attending trainings or performing in Moab, L.A., Vancouver B.C. and Maui!

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Kristy and Nicole at the Food Truck round up
Guest composer/instructor Kristy
Oshiro and Nicole indulge in the
June 2 Food Truck round up

Upcoming Events

Date Location Event Time


Rhythm Industry
1013 S. Tyndall

All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART). The current session continues through June 14. If you wish to pre-register online, please use the Paypal button below. See a list of weekly classes and rehearsals, all of which are open for observation. Your first class is always free :-)

July 6

Sierra Vista Tanabata Matsuri hosted by Sakura No Kai, the Japanese arts and culture club of Sierra Vista. Get the flyer (896k pdf) 11:30–3:30pm
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