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The All Souls Procession weekend is only a few weeks away. In preparation for the Nov. 9 event, we've kicked into high gear with lantern-making and obon dance/chant workshops for the community. All are free, though we'll take donations for the Procession.

If you can't make the workshops, you can Learn the chant online. You only need to section A to join us on Nov. 9

Odaiko Sonorans prepare for the
2014 All Souls Procession. Earth Drummers learn their
parts, sharing
the floor with our costume crew.

Odaiko Sonora members practice for the All Souls Procession finale

Upcoming Events

Date Location Event Time


Rhythm Industry
1013 S. Tyndall

All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART). The current session began Oct. 18. It's pretty easy to catch up, so you can still register online with the Paypal button below. See a list of weekly classes and rehearsals, all of which are open for observation.


  All Souls Procession Lantern-making Happy Hour, Takamatsu Restaurant, 5532 E Speedway Blvd.We'll be decorating this week, so be prepared to cut, glue, write and draw. Our last happy hour is 10/30. Also join us for a special lantern-making session and traditional toro nagashi at Yume Japanese Gardens on Nov. 1! 5–7pm


1013 S. Tyndall All Souls Procession Obon Dance & Chant Workshop. Twice today! You can learn the dance and chant in one session, but come to others for practice, work on costumes and the Procession Drum Cart. Final session is 11/1 12:15–1:30pm & 4:30–5:45pm


  Lantern-making Happy Hour, location tbd. This is our last happy hour, but please join us for a special lantern-making session and traditional toro nagashi at Yume Japanese Gardens on Nov. 1! 5–7pm


1013 S. Tyndall All Souls Procession Obon Dance Workshop & Chant practice. You can learn the dance in this one final session! We'll practice the chant in the last part of the workshop 12:15–1pm


2130 N. Alvernon Yume Japanese Gardens. Lantern-making and toro nagashi. Workshop is $3, plus admission to the Gardens. Ceremoney at 6pm. Afterwards, you may take your lantern home or leave it with us to carry in the All-Souls Procession on Nov. 9. Register for the workshop and ceremony by emailing yume.gardens@gmail.org or call 520-332-2928. 4pm–6:45pm


25th ALL SOULS PROCESSION. For 10 years we've provided the heartbeat at the head of the Procession. Now we'll also be the music spirit group for the Finale! International guest taiko players, $100,000 of drums... and fire! Join us in this amazing community ritual commemorating and celebrating the lives of our ancestors and loved ones. Assemble at 6th Ave. underpass. Procession starts at 6pm


Oro Valley TUCSON MARATHON. Our annual taiko marathon in support of the runners. Roughly 5 hours of contiuous drumming from dawn to noon! 7am-1pm


2130 N. Alvernon Yume Japanese Gardens New Year Celebration time tbd


1013 S. Tyndall Southern AZ Japanese Cultural Coalition Mochitsuki time tbd
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