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Odaiko Sonora student and member resource page
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Other Taiko resources:

Local groups we work with and whose work we support:

San Jose Taiko San Jose Taiko - One of the most successful taiko performance and outreach non-profits in the country! Rhythm Industry Performance Factory Rhythm Industry Performance Factory - Tucson's most crucial artist-owned arts incubator spaces – dedicated to loud, large community oriented arts. is a hub for all things related to taiko. A storehouse for information and a center for discussion, it is a gathering place for players across the globe. image of southern Arizona landscape

Southern Arizona Arts in Academics
Our partner in reaching southern arizona K-12 students

North American Taiko Conmmunit facebook page logo North American Taiko Community Facebook page
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Many Mouths One Stomach Many Mouths One Stomach - artists, teachers and community activists who create, inspire, manifest, and perpetuate modern festal culture.
Sacramento Taiko Dan Sacramento Taiko Dan - Tiffany Tamaribuchi's studio - another successful taiko performance/ outreach non-profit.    
Portland Taiko Portland Taiko - With a focus on providing a voice for Asian-America, Portland is one of the country's finest in community service and song composition.  


Fushicho Daiko Fushicho Daiko - Our fellow Arizona taiko-fiends, and a constant source of guidance and help.    
Stanford Taiko and their amazing drum building manual.    
KASA KASA - Kodo Arts Sphere America is a nonprofit established to encourage, enable and support programs and opportunities for North Americans to study and understand the Japanese music of the taiko and its related performing arts.    
Rolling Thunder - The Taiko Resource - the original taiko page. It is retired with the passing of Yuko Yaegashi. The page, with her and her husband's words remains an inspiration for all those who have (and occasionally lose) heart.    
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