Building Odaiko Sonora drums has constantly evolved over the years. After initial teachings by Tony Trapasso of Fushicho Daiko, our lead taiko builder Karen studied with master taiko builders Stan Morgan and Mark Miyoshi. Karen has also received guidance and advise from Portland Taiko, Sacramento Taiko Dan, and recent Odaiko Sonora students Willie Robinson and Rob Ploger, who brought extensive carpentry and musical instrument making knowledge to the group. Here are some pictures of our buildling, starting with the more recent.
Above: Nicole, Bugsy the dog, Emily and Sayuri complete the first heading; Odaiko Sonora members life the completed puncheon-sized odaiko onto its new stand, made by Willie. Below: Tracy and Willie and Jean build their first drums.

Below: Our first two drums, built with Tony Trapasson of Fushicho Daiko, launched Odaiko Sonora and it's student community group, the Tucson Taiko Juku in May 2002.


We gratefully acknowledge the teaching of Stan Morgan, Tony Trapasso, Mark Miyoshi, and
Portland Taiko
, who shared their knowledge and helped us continue the tradition of
North American taiko construction.


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