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Since 2005, Odaiko Sonora has drummed the heartbeat of the Urn at the front of the All Souls Procession.
Our group's participation is based on obon, the Japanese ancestor festival. A central part of obon is the bon odori, or bon dance. Odaiko Sonora has created Tucson's own obon dance and rhythm, added a chant and flute melody, which are performed along the Procession route. We invite you to learn the dance, chant, and/or walk with the Odaiko Sonora crew at this year's Procession on Nov. 5, 2017.

Questions about the All Souls Procession Weekend itself? Go to www.allsoulsprocession.org. Read teh blog. Everything you need is revealed there :)

ASP obon dance/chant workshops: Wed. Oct. 25, 5:30 and Sat. Oct. 28, 12:15pm
at RiPFactory (Rhythm Industry Performance Factory), 1013 S. Tyndall

Learn about the toro nagashi, or lantern ritual (coming soon)

Chant Resources

To honor the 25th anniversary of the All Souls Procession in 2014, Odaiko Sonora
commissioned this chant by Japanese-Canadian artist Aki Takahashi.

Print version of chant (59KB pdf)

Print your own chant card (214KB)

Audio (mp3)
Notes: The base vocal, repeating "hey-yas-sa," provides the 8 count
beat. At the Procession, drum will provide the beat.
This recordiing begins with "YA" on the note C. We will be starting
a whole step lower, on B, to make it a bit easier to sing.

Dance Resources

Like most obon dances, the dance we created for Tucson describes where we live and what we do in our village. As in most obon dances, movements usually happen twice, once to hte right and once to the left.

The movements in order describe:

BIG MOUNTAINS, that bound Tucson to the north and east
LITTLE MOUNTAINS, that lie to Tucson's southe and west
SUN, earning us the nickname "The Baked Apple"
WIND, that kicks up and brings...
RAIN, that all life depends on here in the desert
HULA HOEING the weeds that have grown from the rain
CLEANING UP, which we all do after work, right?!
FEELING PROUD that the work is done

Video of dance


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