Looking for an energetic way to start your event? To get kids moving, or to motivate your team? Odaiko Sonora is uniquely qualified to meet those needs. Taiko is a musical team sport, an expressive martial discipline and irresistible fun. It fully engages mind, body, and spirit and leads to better health, a better attitude and improved team function. Book us by emailing info@tucsontaiko.org.

Odaiko Sonora has a variety of programs. We offer:

Taiko Plus! concert image Performances
With over 50 appearances each year and player ensembles ranging from 2 to 20 people, we can handle everything from festivals to conferences to private parties to full-length concerts. You name it, we'll make it so!
Fenster Ranch Camp Residencies
Comprehensive K-12 residencies help kids enjoy learning. One-day, multi-day, or multi-week residencies introduce students to world cultures and engage them musical training, martial discipline and physical education goals.
teambuilding image Teambuilding
Designed by specialists in public administration, teambuilding and cultural learning, our seminars and workshops meet your experiential training needs. Hands-on fun will enhance your business operations and programs. See www.taikoteambuilding.com for more info.
taiko ninjas Custom programs—
Don’t see what you need here? Email info@tucsontaiko.org and we’ll design a program tailored to your needs.

For pricing information or to book Odaiko Sonora, email info@tucsontaiko.org.


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