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Kristy Oshiro workshop, Sonoran Sway

   5/27 –



2nd Saturdays Downtown. Celebrate the heart of Tucson with us. We'll be hot off the stages at AZ Matsuri with a set that gets your hearts thumping. And it's free!


Brandi Fenton Park
Japanese Community picnic


TUSD's Opening Minds Through the Arts Showcase


The 12th Annual PCC Japanese Speech Contest, and our 12th year at it! One of our favorite annual gigs because we grew up together. The Contest and festivities go from noon to 5:00pm. We'll post our exact performance time as soon as we know it. Free. PCC-Northwest Campus




UA International Pharmacy Student Association dinner

    3/22 –

All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART) 6-week unit begins. No class April 26. Pre-register on our "Play Taiko" page


Con-Nichiwa 2014 Conference


Introduction to Taiko. Free!


All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART) Practicum.


All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART) Practicum. Review material covered in all AART units. Depending on who attends, students may be introduced to the songs and drills required to join the Odaiko Sonora Community Group (CG), brush up on material they've already learned, and/or prepare to join the CG. $20 for one Practicum, $30 for both. See our "Play Taiko" page to pre-register.

    2/22 &

The 30th Arizona Matsuri. A must see for those interested drawn to things Japanese in Arizona! Odaiko Sonora's 8th year performing. Don your yukata, grab your higasa, and join us for two days of fun! Free!

      2/13 –

Aki Takahashi & Kyle Abbott Residency. Workshops, performances and more. Demo at Sushi Yukari's Valentine's Day dinners; two seatings. Concert at Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson on 2/15


Big Drum Culture lecture/demo for the AlumaFiesta Airstream Team Conference

      2/2 &

Kay Fukumoto of Maui Taiko workshops and school programs


Santa Catalina Villas: Big Drum Culture lecture/demo.

     1/15 –

Begin spring semester at Gale/Robison,Vail,Mary Meredith,Maxwell


new All Ages Recreational Taiko class begins


UA Admission Dept. Team Building Workshop, AZ Historical Societys


Mochitsuki, or traditional New Year's Day mochi-making celebration. Yume Japanese Gardens


Johrei Fellowship, New Year's Day Service

2013 Event

Rhythm Industry New Years Ball. Live Performance Live Percussion and BIG House Beats. If you love to dance, this is your party: Dancehall, Mumbaton, Cumbia, Kuduro and Afro Beat. $15 Suggexted Donation. Family Friendly. Costumes Encouraged!


Tucson Marathon


All Souls Procession. This year, Tiffany Tamaribuchi, 2002 world odaiko champion, leader of Sacramento Taiko Dan, and our beloved mentor will walk and drum with us!


Paper-crane-folding happy hour.


Tucson Ondo Workshop. See Oct 19 listing


Tucson Ondo Workshop. See Oct 19 listing


Paper-crane-folding happy hour. Make cranes for our ASP cart, drink beer, be merry. Karen will teach you all three if necessary! Tap & Bottle, 403 N. 6th Ave


Tucson Ondo Workshop. Obon is the Japanese ancestor festival celebrated each summer throughout Japan and Japanese-American communities in the U.S. Each year in Tucson, Odaiko Sonora brings the bon odori, or obon dance tradition to the All Souls Procession. Come learn Tucson's own obon dance and join Odaiko Sonora at the All Souls Procession on Nov. 3! Free, though we welcome donations to support the All Souls Procession


Tucson Meet Yourself. Enjoy Tucson's most awesome festival. It's fun, fabulous, and it's FREE! Our set is 45 minutes, starting at 5pm El Presidio Park, City Hall Stage


Rogue Taiko Concert. Our first full-length concert since 2009! Tickets are $20. Student rush $15 tickets MAY be available 15-20 minutes prior to each performance. You can buy online at The Rogue Theatre ticket page or by calingl 520-551-2053.
2pm matinee; 7:30pm show


Preview of Rogue Taiko. A slightly abbreviated run of our upcoming concert. Admission $12 at the door


Japanese Storytelling at Manga Mania event sponsored by Columbus Library, PCC Downtown campus


MOCA Workshop and performance focusing on the obon (Japanese Buddhist ancestor festival) tradition

      7/16 –

Fenster Ranch Camp


Oro Valley Library


Rancho del Lago Del Webb


Fiji water team building

      6/3 –

Tucson Circus Arts camp


Target open house


Yume Japanese Gardens Kodom no hi, Children's Day


St. Mark's


PCC Asian Fest


Pharmacy Dinner


PCC Speech Contest


Private wedding reception Michael Katz


Race for the Cure. For the 6th year, we launch the walkers on their way with a bang!


Tucson Festival of Books. Rome, Karen and Shiro (aka Bugsy) will participate in "Bringing the Arts, Literacy and Technology Together for Kids," a session for educators and parents. We will be announcing the release of a new book featuring our plucky hero Asako and her devoted, magical dog.


2nd Saturday Downtown. Join us, then hang out to hear one of our favorite bands, Gertie and the T.O. Boyz doing some righteous waila!


Marshall & Tully Elementary School residencies as a program of TUSD's Opening Minds Through the Arts.


Matsuri: A Festival of Japan. An hour long set at high noon with a record-breaking 16 players this year. Bring your higasa!


On Ensemble workshop


Vietnamese Tet

      1/7 –

Howell & Ford Elementary Schools as part of our work with TUSD's Opening Minds Through the Arts. Howell informant on Feb 13


UAPresents Children's Festival


Japanese Garden Dedication

2012 Event

The annual taiko marathon in conjunction with the Tucson Marathon. This is our 9th year criving runners to the finish with the power of the drum.


2nd Saturdays downtown! Odaiko Sonora will be on Scott from 6:00–8:30pm with a demo of how we head the big drums!

    12/4, 11
   & 18/12

OMA residency at Vail Middle School


UA World Percussion Gang


Presidents investiture procession


Cochise College Pit Fire


Vail Middle School, OMA parent night demo

    11/16 –

OMA residency at Manzo Elementary

    11/2 –

All Souls Procession weekend. Procession of Little Angels with Stories That Soar, and right behind the Urn in the main Procession


Tucson Children's Museum fundraiser


All Souls Procession Fundraiser, Solar Culture


ASP Obon Workshops. Each year, Odaiko Sonora brings the bon odori, or obon (Japanese ancestor festival) dance tradition to the All Souls Procession. You are invited to learn Tucson’s own obon dance and join Odaiko Sonora at the Procession of Little Angels and/or All Souls Procession. FREE! Future workshops are 10/20, 12:30–2:15pm, and 10/26, 2:00-4:00–pm

     10/12 –

Tucson Meet Yourself. It's our 10th year and we'll be 29 players strong! Come hear, see and dance with us as we celebrate a decade of taiko in Tucson!

     10/9 –

ACA residency at Blenman Elementary, T & F weekly

     9/24 –

OMA residency at Miller Elementary, M &Th weekly

     8/22 –

ACA residency at Prince Elementary/Amphi Middle Schools. weekly

     6/11 –

Fenster Ranch Camp

     5/28 –

Opening Minds through the Arts IDEA

     5/28 –

Tucson Circus Arts Summer Circus Camp


Mary Meredith graduation


Mission Manor Elementary. Third of three school shows made possible through the generosity of Wal-Mart on Valencia.


ASU Master of Social Work graduation TCC

     4/30 –
    5/3 /12

Ash Creek Residency. We return to rural SE Arizona!


Drexel Elementary School. Second of three school shows made possible through the generosity of Wal-Mart on Valencia.


FLOW, a project of NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre. Santa Cruz riverbed


10th Annual PCC Japanese Speech Contest. Our 10th year at this cherished event! PCC East


Opening of "My Heart Changes," a showcase of artwork at The Drawing Studio from K-12 students in rural Arizona 2008–2011, presented by Arts for Border Children. As one of the Southeastern AZ Arts in Academics (SAAA) artists, Odaiko Sonora will offer a short demo. AND, it's 2nd Saturday, Carnavale! So street samba with Batucaxé and Flam Chen afterwards!


A 3-gig day ends with our elite team of ninja performers hits the IPSF (International Pharmacy Student Federation) dinner for the 3rd year!


Rhythm Industry Review. Our most recent resident group, NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre takes the lead in our spring event. Odaiko Sonora CG & AART students will strut their stuff, and round out the night moving your body to the




Race for the Cure. We're happy to be able to continue supporting this event since the Komen Foundation's recent apology and re-funding of Planned Parenthood's breast exam program!


Los Amigos Elementary. Big thanks to Wal-Mart on Valencia who funded this, and two other school shows this spring!

    3/10 &

Tucson Festival of Books. At 4pm Saturday, we'll lead our Youth Taiko group and Prince and Amphi residency students in a performance of "Asako: The Girl Who Saved Her Village" on the Children's Storytelling Stage. On Sunday, our performing ensemble will perform Asako and other stories at 1pm on the Bear Down Stage.


Coyote Trail Elementary

    2/25 &
Arizona Matsuri: A Festival of Japan. We'll perform a full set (probably on Saturday) and participate both days in the All AZ Taiko Team.

2nd Saturday Downtown. A special celebration of AZ's Centennial! 10-15 minute demo/workshops at 1:30–1:45; 2:15–2:30; 3:00–3:15; 3:45–4:00pm. A full set with our 15 of our Community Group members runs from 5:15–5:45pm!


RESIDENCY: Begin Mary Meredith K-12 Residency. Two days a week through May 23.


RESIDENCY: Begin Prince Elementary/Amphi Middle School Residencies. Every Wednesday through March 14.


Karen does invocation with Cantrell Maryott at Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding concert wth Mitzi Cowell Shine, Silver Thread Trio, Calexico and Ben Folds. Fox Theatre


Karen drums at TMC labyrinth for Beyond Tucson's sunrise event


All Ages Recreational Taiko 6-week session begins

2011 Event

New Year's Eve Aztec temple fire sacrifice, anyone...? Odaiko Sonora appearing as Huehuetl Teponaztli (pronounced weh-weht tay-po-nawtz-lee) at Hotel Congress


Tucson Marathon. Our 8th year!!!

  11/5 & 6/11

All Souls Procession Weekend. This year we'll accompany the Procession of Little Angels on Saturday and the Urn on Sunday. We'll also have a satellite stage at the finale.


Townsend Middle School residency program (Sept. 26–Nov. 1). Two final Performances


All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART).


Free bon odori (obon dance) workshop. Learn the dance and walk with us this year behind the central urn of the All Souls Procession. Other dates are Oct. 29, 12:30–2:00pm and Nov. 2, 5:30–6:30pm.

   10/24 & 15/11

Tucson Meet Yourself. Two performances this year! The Odaiko Sonora Performing Ensemble kicks off the festival on Fri. at 3pm. Then, on Saturday, the OS Community Group will rock the grounds.


UApresents Arts Encounter for Yamato in the Centennial Hall Women's Plaza Circle


DeGrazia Elementary School residency program, Oct. 5– Dec. 1. Final performance Dec. 1


Townsend Middle School residency program (Sept. 26–Nov. 1). Two final Performances


Rhythm Industry Review: The Scene of A Decision. Movement Salon takes the lead with this special Review focused on improvisational works.

    9/22 /11

Odaiko Sonora opens Green Valley Recreation's 2011–12 Performing Arts Season with a full-length concert!


Karen's Crane-folding Happy Hour at Skybar on Saturdays Oct. 8, 22 and 29


Eastpointe High School residency program, Sept. 15–Nov. 17


Teambuilding for Eastpointe High School staff

    7/25, 27
& 7/29/11

Fenster Ranch Camp


"Electropolis," with Flam Chen and Ensphere at Arcosanti


Catalina Foothills Community Schools summer Camp


Murphy-Wilmot Library, Japanese storytelling


All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART) 6-week session begins.


Project Management Institute training session


Oro Valley Library, Big Drum Culture


Catalina Foothills Community Schools Summer Camp


Woods Library, Japanese storytelling


2nd Saturday Downtown, Main stage, sponsored by Tucson Pima Public Library


Green Valley Library, Japanese storytelling


2nd Saturday, downtown Tucson. We'll have a drum-heading demonstration set up.


Henry Elementary, 45 min. school assembly


All Ages Recreational Taiko (AART) 6-week session begins.


Taiko Workout weekly class


Southeastern Arizona Arts in Academics (SAAA) Student Culminating Event. The extended residency programs Odaiko Sonora has been part of ends with bang at the Safford Center for Performing Arts!


9th Tucson Japanese Speech Contest


Coyote Trail Elementary student assembly morning

    4/21, 25–27/11

SAAA Wilcox School residency


IPSF (International Pharmacy Student Federation) dinner at the TCCC


Race for the Cure


Borton School mural dedication


SAAA Wilcox School residency


Rhythm Industry Review


Tucson International Academy, 45 min. concert


Tsunami fundraiser at Sushi Yukari


KASA workshops with visiting artist Chieko Kojima. Master classes on Hana Hachijo and Japanese folk dance


6-week spring Adult Recreational Taiko (ART) class begins


Carnaval! We'll be heading up the festive parade at 2pm noon–8pm


Alt-Rock-Trance-Metal taiko with Ensphere at Solar Culture


The Cannibal's Valentine Cabaret with Flam Chen. This is the night we pay off the 2010 All Souls Procession. Come with cash and help preserve this most unique of Tucson's home-grown events. Stay tuned for final date.


Van Buskirk Elementary PAWS afterschool residency


2nd Saturday Downtown. Come play, learn about taiko, and hear 15 min. sets at 7:00 and 8:30pm

  2/5 &

Tiffany Tamaribuchi's Taikobaka BASICS2 SW Intensive. Download the Flyer (42KB pdf) Registration form (83KB pdf) or register and pay online

 1/29 &
30 /11

We'll be providing a little background music in the lobby each night of this production of Arizona Opera's Turandot.


We're thrilled that the annual TUSD Pan Asian Studies Department's Lunar NY concert is back! 1,200 students sample Asian cultures through performances by Tucson arts groups. Tucson High Magnet School


6-week spring Adult Recreational Taiko (ART) class begins


Blue Chip Social Justice Retreat, UA Center for Student Involved Leadership. Triangle Y Ranch Camp


Prince Elementary Residency


CANCELLED: Alas, our presence at 2nd Saturday isn't happening :-(
However, it'll still be a fantastic night downtown. Don't miss it! And look for us next month, Feb. 12, when our entire group will be out there rallying the throngs!

2010 Event

Tucson Marathon. Our 7th year bringing the runners in at the finish!


Tiffany Tamaribuchi, sensei of Sacramento Taiko Dan, will conduct intensive workshops for OS members


Begin 10-week residency


All Souls Procession and finale with Flam Chen, Ensphere and a cast of tens of thousands! Procession assembles at 5pm at Epic Cafe.

 10/21, 23
& 30

ASP Bon Odori community workshop. In only 1 hour, you will learn a simple folk dance created for Tucson! Then make a costume and the walk/dance with us at the Nov. 7 All Souls Procession. Free!


8-week Adult Recreational Taiko (ART) begins (no class Nov. 27).


Tucson Meet Yourself. Come visit our table in the Main Library Plaza area, and catch our 45 minute performance on the City Hall Stage in the afternoon.


Rhythm Industry Review! RI resident groups, students and guests show how they create and practice what you usually only see as finished performances. The fun, informal evening includes work by Odaiko Sonora, Batucaxé, Flam Chen, Movement Salon, Jodi Netzer, Thom Lewis and more more more!


Double Adobe Residency



 9/16, 23,
10/7, 14/10

4-weekTaiko 'tweens


4-week Adult Recreational Taiko class. Participants may perform at Tucson Meet Yourself, Oct 8–10, day and time tbd.


Mt. Turnbull Academy Residency, Bylas, AZ


Ft. Thomas Elementary Residency. Multi-day workshops for grades 3 & 4, with student peformances.


Ash Creek Residency. This is the first in a series of rural arts-learning residencies for students grades 4–12. multi-day workshops with 6:30pm concert on the 19th.


4-week Taiko 'tweens.


Fenster Ranch camp. The ultimate Tucson kid experience! Our final concert usually coincides with a monsoon microburst.


4-week Adult Recreational Taiko class.


Oro Valley Library. Big Drum Culture, our 40 minutes lecture demo. Free


Odaiko Sonora in Concert! Green Valley Recreation. Call 520-625-3440, ext. 7225 for tickets and info.


Rhythm Industry Review! featuring Tucson Circus Arts campers, Taiko'tweens, Sukie Keita, Movement Salaon and others! $10–$15 suggested donation. Light refreshments and tons of fun!


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